Detection of COVID19 in real time with LiliF COVID-19

Detection of COVID19 in real time is possible with LiliF COVID-19. A very fast and highly efficient test that allows us to detect the presence of COVID 19 in the person undergoing the test.


What is the LiliF COVID-19 test

The LiliF real-time COVId detection test is a test that uses an RT-PCR probe. This test can detect the new coronavirus using the real-time RT-PCR probe method, through the reaction of the specific primer and the fluorescent probe in the sample.

So far, it has been proven that this test can detect the RdRp gene and the E gene, which are markers for the detection of new coronaviruses. In addition, this test also includes the N gene suggested by the US CDC and the RNaseP gene.

Unlike other similar tests that we can find on the market, this kit provides the necessary components to perform the RT-PCR separately. And all this being able to use the consumable selected by the user and being compatible with any thermal cycler.

Remember that this kit contains everything you need, you should not mix it with any other product other than it.


Detection of COVID19 in real time with LiliF COVID-19

For its correct operation, sputum in the lower respiratory tract, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BAL) or nasopharyngeal smear (NS) and oropharyngeal smear (OS) collected simultaneously from the upper respiratory tract of the person to be analyzed is necessary.

The entire process must be done in a clean bench to ensure that there is no contamination that can affect the final result.

For this, the kit includes a swab that allows the collection of these samples.

Although its operation is simple, it is recommended that its manipulation be carried out only by specialized personnel. Including the toilet. Otherwise we could get some alteration of the result, due to bad handling. In addition, during its handling it is convenient that we protect ourselves with masks. This way we will avoid spraying when opening the lid.


COVID19 and other coronaviruses

At this point, it must be remembered that so far a total of four genders have been identified in the Coronavirus family. They are known as alpha, beta, gamma, and delta.

The alpha and beta corona viruses can cause disease in both humans and animals. While other types such as gamma and delta coronaviruses only infect animals.

The new coronavirus (popularly known as COVID-19) belongs to the beta. Hence, it is one of the new infectious coronaviruses that infects the human body as a pathogen of massive pneumonia that occurred in Wuhan, Hubei (China) in December 2019. And that has subsequently spread throughout the world, being considered a pandemic a few months after the first case was detected.

Therefore, it is very important to diagnose an infection quickly. Since, at the moment, their vaccines are not available to everyone or are in a trial period. And that its reliability is not one hundred percent; and even that its administration is carried out in two phases that have months of difference between both.

It should also be noted that there are no antivirals approved for prophylactic or therapeutic purposes.

However, the choice of these tests must be done appropriately. Well, there is a wide offer on the market, and it is necessary to know them before purchasing them. For this reason, at Durviz we have developed this product. A high-quality, simple test that contains everything we need to perform the test and that will surely help us to obtain a reliable result.

If you are interested in purchasing them, please contact us.

Viral DNA-RNA Purification Kit

The DNA and Viral RNA Purification Kit is a Real brand product to make laboratory work faster. It is a set of elements that is designed for rapid and simultaneous purification of viral DNA and RNA from cell-free samples such as serum, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid.

A simple and very effective system with which we can carry out our work safely and quickly and can meet the current high demand for analysis of all kinds by the general population. Its effectiveness has been highly certified, so it is part of the product catalog that Durviz, as the official distributor of the brand, and we put it at your fingertips.


Goals of the purification kit

The Real brand Sample Purification Kit, available from Durviz, works to meet the objectives it intends to cover. In this respect, it should be borne in mind that viruses, when lysed with detergent and proteinase K, release total viral nucleic acids.

Therefore, in the presence of a caotropic salt, viral nucleic acids selectively bind to the fiberglass membrane in a special centrifuge tube. A process in which nucleic acids remain united while a series of rapid wash and spin steps remove contaminating cellular components.

Finally, low-salt elution removes viral nucleic acids from the fiberglass membrane. Enough to have the sample ready for analysis.

An important part of the work with this kit is that the process does not require nucleic acid precipitation, organic solvent extractions, or extensive handling of nucleic acids. This is a big difference from other similar products we can find on the market. That’s why your results are better and labs are purchasing this kit for their daily work.

The Real Spin Viral Kit for DNA and RNA analysis can be used for viral RNA and DNA isolation from a wide range of viruses that affect them.

However, according to the manufacturer, performance cannot be guaranteed for all virus species and must be validated by the customer. Therefore, we advise you to consult with us before you buy any questions you may have. We will give you all the details you need.

Real DNA


Features of the purification kit.

The main features of this REAL brand DNA and RNA purification kit are as follows:

  • A flexible DNA/viral RNA purification system, allowing for impurities-free samples. This means minimizing the margin of error of the results obtained in our work.
  • Enables fast and easy debugging with excellent reproducibility.
  • The kit includes a highly sensitive RNA carrier that you can use in later applications.
  • DNA or viral RNA can be used directly as templates for standard PCR testing or RT-PCR.
  • This kit contains a sample material consisting of: 200 µl serum, plasma, and cell-free biological fluids.

DNA removal

So if you’re looking for a purification kit that works great and lets you work with your DNA and RNA samples in the lab, don’t hesitate to pick up the Real brand. Efficiency and improvement instantly. Contact us and we’ll tell you how to do that.

COVID19 detection solutions

At Durviz we have a wide range of products with which we can perform analyses that allow us to COVID 19  detection in our users. Solutions of very different types but always with excellent performance and high reliability in results.

For your knowledge, we’ve written this article that talks about the highlights.

COVID 19 detection solutions

Currently the need to test for the presence of COVID 19 coronavirus in people who request our services is growing by days. So it’s important to have solutions that enable us to respond effectively to each and every one of them, without being overworked or losing customers.

Companies in the sector have been able to react quickly to this need and have offered products in this regard. Different proposals that allow us to carry out mass analyzes in the best possible way, taking into account the circumstances in which they are usually carried out, and always providing reliable results.

Currently, at Durviz we offer the following products:

1- Real viral saliva. It is a complete kit that allows you to extract, manipulate and preserve saliva samples from each person in the best possible way. At room temperature or cold, so you can analyze it later in the lab. It is a multi-purpose product that is equally useful for testing DNA samples as infected RNA.

Real Saliva Viral. COVID 19 Detection

REAL Saliva Viral Collection Kit

2- Nasopharyngeal specimen collection and storage swabs. It is a product of the biocomma brand, which allows the sampling, facilitates the means of transport and conservation of virus (inactivator). This system avoids the risk of aerosol infection and is suitable for working with virus samples. It is a product valid for the collection and transport of different clinical samples such as influenza, avian influenza, HFMD and other viruses such as Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Chlamidia. And, of course, COVID coronavirus 19.

Virus transport and preservation medium . COVID 19 Detection

BIOCOMMA. – Virus transport and preservation medium

3- INTRON Biotechnology offers several products in this regard. On one hand, a series of kits with which DNA/RNA can be extracted from viruses. And, on the other, one called Real Time RT-PCR, which is just a kit for diagnostic COVID19. In his favor, it should be noted that the latter has been validated by the Carlos III Institute; and the National Center for Microbiology. This is always an extra guarantee.

Real Time RT-PCR. COVID 19 Detection

Real Time RT-PCR

4- MP Bio has One Step Strips called Immuno-Chromatography Cassette, which allow IgG/IgM to be detected from blood, serum and plasma samples. This means complete analyzes that allow us to detect anomalies. This product is for use only for in vitro diagnostic use by healthcare professionals.

Covid19 quick test for IgG/IgM detection.

Covid19 quick test for IgG/IgM detection

5- Alpha Laboratories has several products that make it easy for us to transport and send samples to the laboratory. They are as follows: SpeciSafe systems for the safe shipment of biological samples, contains absorbent foil according to UN3373. Features rigid packaging (secondary packaging); self-closing bags that allow safe shipment of biological samples with absorbent foil in compliance with UN3373 (secondary packaging); As well as an outer envelope or box (tertiary packaging) which, as stressed by UN3373, is suitable for sending biological samples by air or by land.


Remember that if you are interested or interested in acquiring any of them you only have to contact us and we will explain how to do it.

Real Saliva Viral. Saliva samples.

Real Saliva Viral: Brochure

Real viral saliva is a simple and practical kit that aims to bring speed and practicality to laboratory work. This novel product provides a safe and fast procedure for collecting, stabilizing and transporting saliva samples. Something fundamental especially now that large amounts of testing are being carried out by COVID 19. A procedure in which it has proven to be highly effective, allowing a large amount of sample collection to be made without any of them being harmed.

An all-in-one that allows us to work with 1 ml saliva samples at room temperature, allowing viral DNA/RNA to be stabilized without any problem. To do this, this product uses its own solution (contained in the kit itself) that inactivates viruses and prevents the degradation of nucleic acid in samples collected with our system. In this way, non-infectious samples are properly preserved for safe handling and sent.

The saliva samples we treat with this Real Saliva viral substance are kept at room temperature for a long period of time. Thus, in the case of DNA we have to talk about a period that extends over an entire year; and in the case of one-stage RNA that goes up to a month).

However, this is not the only advantage in or that of conservation. Saliva samples can also be frozen (-20/-80°C) for extended periods. A larger stage than other saliva testing kit offers.


Operation of a Real Saliva Viral

The way we can use this kit is very simple and is summarized in the following steps:

  1. Before removing the sample, people should be warned not to eat, drink, smoke or chew gum. Unless they haven’t done so 30 minutes before the sample was collected. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to get 1 ml of saliva. An extraction that can take several minutes in normal situations and that in the cases referred extends over time.
  2. The funnel must be inserted into the sample collection tube. It is advisable to rub the cheeks with the tongue and teeth for stimulation of saliva secretion.
  3. Collect saliva until 1 ml line level is reached.
  4. Remove and discard the funnel.
  5. Remove the cap from the saliva preservation solution and add all its contents to the collection tube.
  6. Close the sample collection tube with its green cap.
  7. Shake the tube vigorously for 15 seconds to mix saliva well with saliva preservation solution. At this point we must avoid unsolving saliva lumps.
  8. The saliva sample is already preserved and ready for storage, shipping and processing.
Real Saliva Viral

Kit Real Saliva Viral

Real Viral Saliva Apps

With all this Real viral saliva is much more effective than other similar products on the market, and they also offer the possibility to store saliva samples in the right way, for further analysis or treatment.

This kit presents all these application possibilities:

– It is a product specially designed for the collection, storage and transport of viral samples of 1 ml of saliva.

– Its substance inactivates microorganisms and viruses to enable safe and easy transport and handling.

Can be used to isolate human genomic DNA or viral DNA/RNA. In both cases you get excellent results.

Allows the sample to be transported at room temperature without adversely affecting it.

Facilitates the preservation of total DNA, including viral DNA, at room temperature (4º-25ºC) for an entire year, without any alteration.

Allows total RNA, including viral RNA, to be preserved at room temperature (4º-25ºC) for an entire month.

It is compatible with most of the DNA and RNA isolation methods on the market although the company recommends that the products and methods they manufacture be used as they are of very high quality standards and their greater efficiency has been proven in this regard.

Real Saliva Viral

Real Saliva Viral Collection Kit

So, if you are looking for a complete and simple kit, easy to handle and that allows you to collect and store saliva samples without any risk, this equipment of Real viral saliva is your best choice.

Graham test safe & clean REAL for the detection of oxyide

Graham test safe and clean from REAL laboratory is the name of the first test on the market that we can purchase ready for use in our work environment.

Are test carriers that we can use in the laboratory, and they have been specially prepared for the detection of Enterobius vermicularis, a small parasitic nematode of humans popularly known as “oxyide”. A very common parasite that causes an intestinal disease known as oxyuriasis or enterobiasis. What is commonly referred to as the generic name of worms.
Although the infestation of this parasite is not serious, they are usually very annoying. Thus, the most common symptoms are severe pain and itching around the anus, especially during night rest, also assuming sleep disturbance and weight loss.

The itching that causes the presence of this parasite favors the reinfesstation of it. The eggs of the nail are introduced under the nails with the scratch, contaminating the hands and facilitating their intake by the person affected by this parasite. They can also spread through the air and be inhaled by people. Eggs ingested by hosts hatch in the duodenum and mature in the large intestine, where they are housed.


Real laboratory Graham test safe and clean employment

The laboratory is usually diagnosed with the presence of oxyides by recovering eggs from the perianal area of the affected. This is usually done by using the Graham Test and its subsequent microscopic identification. For samples to be useful, they must be collected for 3 consecutive days to be representative. But in all of this, what is the Graham Safe & Clean Test?

It is a system composed of three glass slides with adhesive tape, which are ready for use. All of them are included in a plastic box that protects them during transport from the lab to their final destination. It also includes a flexible and soft plastic material (cap) device that attaches to one end of the slide for easy sampling.

The main advantages of the Graham Safe & Clean Test are as follows:
• This is a clean and safe system.
• Simplifies sampling.
• Avoid direct contact with the glass.
• Protects against possible contagions so the reliability of the results is very high.
• Marked with the European Union’s IVD quality seal.

The use of this type of carrier is very simple and just follow the following steps:
1. The first thing is to place the cap on the unlabeled end.
2. Remove the adhesive tape from the glass and bring it to the glass cap.
3. Place the adhesive tape over the cap.
4. Put the cap with the tape in contact with the perianal area.
5. Return the adhesive tape to its initial position, preventing bubble or crease formation in this process.
6. Remove the cap from the glass and throw it away. Store the glass in its box.


Graham test - DURVIZ

Graham test safe and clean de REAL laboratory


This product is available in several different formats: on the one hand, there is the possibility to purchase it in packs of 90 Tests (90 envelopes with 3 holders), but also in the following packages: 90 Tests (90 rigid plastic boxes with 3 holders); and 90 Tests (90 rigid plastic boxes with 3 more Safe & Clean holders). At Durviz we are specialists in providing you with the most effective tools on the market, so we constantly update our catalog of products and services.

So, if you want your lab to have the most effective tools on the market, do not hesitate and visit our website where we constantly share information about the news that we are incorporating. All of them come from the most prestigious manufacturers around the world, which have endorsements and certifications from the most important bodies internationally.

New REAL Microbiome vaginal DNA kit

REAL has developed a complete system for the study of VAGINAL MICROBIOME:

  1. VAGINAL SELF-COLLECTION SWAB for the collection and stabilization of microbial DNA from vagina for microbiome analysis.



The new solution for home self-sampling, collection, shipping and easy processing in the laboratory

• Reduce waste of time for women that don’t want to take time off from work
• Absolute privacy
• Increased comfort
• Reduced anxiety


  1. REAL MICROBIOME VAGINAL DNA Kit has been designed for a fast and efficient purification of microbial DNA from vaginal samples.

More information 

Microbiome Fecal kit for DNA isolation from stool samples

REAL  MICROBIOME Fecal DNA kit has been designed for a fast and efficient purification of microbial DNA for MICROBIOME analysis from

1. Up to 200 mg fresh and frozen human or animal stool samples.

2. Stool homeganate from 0.50-1.0 gr stool and stabilized in 8 ml DANASTOOL Sample Collection MICROBIOME Kit.

More information

REAL Microbiome analysis of fecal samples

REAL has developed  a new kit for a fast and efficient purification of microbial DNA for the study of the microbiome from different faecal samples:

a) Up to 200 mg of human or animal feces, fresh or dried.

b) Stool samples (0-5-1.0 gr) homogenized and stabilized in 8ml REAL MICROBIOME Stool sample collection kit.

More information 

REAL Saliva DNA Swabs Sample Collection kit

Safe and rapid all in one method for the collection, stabilization and transport of saliva swabs samples.

Discover the New Real Fecal Microbiome Kit in Durviz

New Real Fecal Microbiome Kit

You can now buy the new Real Microbiome Fecal kit from the Durviz website. It is a new kit with which you can perform a rapid and efficient purification of microbial DNA for the study of it from different fecal samples.

A revolutionary faecal analysis system that you should know, especially if you perform this type of work in your laboratory.


New Real Microbiome kit: features

One of the main novelties of the Real Microbiome kit is that it includes an efficient lysis of the microorganisms present in fecal samples by a combination of heat and a chemical-mechanical break with specific “beads” developed for it. It should also be noted that the inhibitors of the samples are eliminated by precipitation through the use of a buffer especially developed for that.

The sample with which one works is passed, once cleaned of impurities, by the MicroSpin Column, the DNA is attached to the membrane and is washed and finally eluted.

Real Fecal Microbioma Kit

With all this, the main features of the new Real Microbiome Kit are:

  1. It is designed to obtain a fast and efficient purification of microbial DNA from different fecal samples.
  2. This optimally develops a lysis method with a combination of heat, chemical and mechanical lysis using specific “beads”. What allows a great homogenization of the sample that allows the isolation of the DNA of yeasts, fungi, Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.
  3. It is a simple and fast procedure in which MicroSpin columns are used.
  4. One of its most revolutionary aspects is that it achieves a complete elimination of contaminants and inhibitors.
  5. Another outstanding aspect is that phenol / chloroform is not used in its operation; neither for extraction nor for precipitation with ethanol.


With all this, the new Real Kit is a product that can be used in many areas of work and study. For example, it has applications in the analysis of the microbiome, in the RFLP, in the analysis of mutations or even in the identification of pathogens.


Keep in mind that this kit works in optimal conditions for processing 200 mg of human feces. And that for the cases of animal samples it is recommended to reduce the amount of sample (80-100 mg). And it is that following these indications we will obtain better results.

In the case that we work with very dry stools, the manufacturers warn that the CTAB Extraction Buffer can absorb them, producing an insufficient amount of sample after the first centrifugation step.

In these cases, it is recommended to reduce the sample size (60-80 mg) and increase the volume of the CTAB Extraction Buffer.


The content of the Kit (in its standard size for 50 fecal samples) is as follows: a CTAB extraction buffer, an EC buffer, a binding buffer, a disinhibition buffer, a wash buffer, an elution buffer, 50 bead microtubes, proteinase K, 50 MicroSpin columns and 100 collection tubes. All of them are very well preserved at room temperature, except for the proteinase that should be at -20 degrees Celsius.

So, if you want your laboratory to have the latest in the extraction or purification of microbial DNA, do not hesitate and acquire the new Real Fecal Microbiome Kit. Your studies will have a smaller margin of error and will obtain much more data than you can process. Do not hesitate, get one of them already. You can get many more details on our website or through the phone.