Discover the New Real Fecal Microbiome Kit in Durviz

New Real Fecal Microbiome Kit

You can now buy the new Real Microbiome Fecal kit from the Durviz website. It is a new kit with which you can perform a rapid and efficient purification of microbial DNA for the study of it from different fecal samples.

A revolutionary faecal analysis system that you should know, especially if you perform this type of work in your laboratory.


New Real Microbiome kit: features

One of the main novelties of the Real Microbiome kit is that it includes an efficient lysis of the microorganisms present in fecal samples by a combination of heat and a chemical-mechanical break with specific “beads” developed for it. It should also be noted that the inhibitors of the samples are eliminated by precipitation through the use of a buffer especially developed for that.

The sample with which one works is passed, once cleaned of impurities, by the MicroSpin Column, the DNA is attached to the membrane and is washed and finally eluted.

Real Fecal Microbioma Kit

With all this, the main features of the new Real Microbiome Kit are:

  1. It is designed to obtain a fast and efficient purification of microbial DNA from different fecal samples.
  2. This optimally develops a lysis method with a combination of heat, chemical and mechanical lysis using specific “beads”. What allows a great homogenization of the sample that allows the isolation of the DNA of yeasts, fungi, Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.
  3. It is a simple and fast procedure in which MicroSpin columns are used.
  4. One of its most revolutionary aspects is that it achieves a complete elimination of contaminants and inhibitors.
  5. Another outstanding aspect is that phenol / chloroform is not used in its operation; neither for extraction nor for precipitation with ethanol.


With all this, the new Real Kit is a product that can be used in many areas of work and study. For example, it has applications in the analysis of the microbiome, in the RFLP, in the analysis of mutations or even in the identification of pathogens.


Keep in mind that this kit works in optimal conditions for processing 200 mg of human feces. And that for the cases of animal samples it is recommended to reduce the amount of sample (80-100 mg). And it is that following these indications we will obtain better results.

In the case that we work with very dry stools, the manufacturers warn that the CTAB Extraction Buffer can absorb them, producing an insufficient amount of sample after the first centrifugation step.

In these cases, it is recommended to reduce the sample size (60-80 mg) and increase the volume of the CTAB Extraction Buffer.


The content of the Kit (in its standard size for 50 fecal samples) is as follows: a CTAB extraction buffer, an EC buffer, a binding buffer, a disinhibition buffer, a wash buffer, an elution buffer, 50 bead microtubes, proteinase K, 50 MicroSpin columns and 100 collection tubes. All of them are very well preserved at room temperature, except for the proteinase that should be at -20 degrees Celsius.

So, if you want your laboratory to have the latest in the extraction or purification of microbial DNA, do not hesitate and acquire the new Real Fecal Microbiome Kit. Your studies will have a smaller margin of error and will obtain much more data than you can process. Do not hesitate, get one of them already. You can get many more details on our website or through the phone.


The circulating DNA to diagnose possible genetic anomalies in fetuses

The circulating DNA to diagnose possible genetic anomalies in fetuses

The circulating DNA is that group of DNA molecules that circulates freely through the outside of the cells, by the blood, the urine, as well as in other body fluids. They are found in fragments of great length, that is to say, those that have from less from 500 bases to 21,000 base pairs.

It is also known as free DNA. The extraction of this DNA for its study in the laboratory is done through plasma or blood, since they are two easily manipulated and extractable liquids. To do so, it is important to have first quality materials that allow us a solid and accurate study of these cells of the organism, because through these reports we can diagnose different diseases.

Types of circulating DNA

According to the scientists, based on the origin of the circulating DNA sample, we can find three fundamental types:

  • Normal circulating DNA. It consists of degraded DNA fragments that they have been released into the bloodstream.
  • The circulating fetal DNA, which comes from mostly the placenta of the mothers. Actually it comes specifically from the fetus and it is a DNA that circulates freely in the bloodstream of the mother.
  • Tumor circulating DNA, which comes from cancer cells that have a Generally, of the tumor in which they are found. Your concentration is greater as the disease progresses.

Applications of circulating DNA

The circulating DNA is important because very information is extracted from its study valuable that will help us determine the state of health in which the person is from which the sample has been obtained. So, for example, in the case of fetuses we can help: diagnose possible genetic anomalies before birth; know the sex of the child before birth or without the need for any ultrasound (This is possible the analysis of specific sequences of the Y chromosome, which are performed following a presence / absence criterion); know the child’s RH to be able to rule out the hemolytic disease of the newborn (at this point you have to know that occasionally, the mother’s immune system produces antibodies during pregnancy they attack the red blood cells of their own fetus.

circulatingA fact that occurs, only, when the mother and the baby have different types of blood); determine diseases monogénicas (taking into account that with circulating DNA analysis that are performed at present, only diseases transmitted by the mother can be known and no for the mother); or study fetal aneuploidies (or, what is the same, alterations of the number of chromosomes that involve loss or gain of complete chromosomes).

And all this without the need to implement invasive techniques that endanger the life of the fetus or its mother. In this case, the test is done from the sixth week of pregnancy.

With the information obtained from the fetal circulating DNA analysis we can overtake many events and diseases, so it is vital importance its realization at present. It has even allowed to avoid treatments aggressive or complicated for pregnant mothers. Something common when there problems with the HR of the pregnant woman and the fetus. Situations in which the inclusion of analysis of the circulating DNA for the group pregnant Rh- has allowed the suppression of the immunoprophylaxis treatment when the fetus was also of the Rh- group.

In Durviz we have all the instruments you need to perform these tests. Do not you have more to visit our website and know the wide variety of products first quality we offer. A fact that has led us to be considered as one of the best business initiatives in the health sector worldwide.


REAL, extract and purify genomic DNA in blood

REAL, the best way to extract and purify genomic DNA in blood

Real is the name of the best method to extract and purify genomic DNA in blood in laboratories that “Durviz” company has launched to the market with the intention of helping the laboratories in performing all kinds of procedures in which it is necessary to manipulate DNA.

This process can be done, for example, using MicroSpin columns with silica membrane that selectively binds the DNA to perform the extraction and power handle it properly without any contamination. These products from REAL brand are manufactured and distributed by Durviz.

Realpure Spin Blood

Realpure Spin Blood is the name of a kit with which you can perform the extraction and the purification of genomic DNA from blood samples that the Durviz brand has been selling for years, obtaining excellent results among its customers.

realIn this case, the Kit uses a new lysis buffer specifically formulated for the extraction of DNA from blood samples. A procedure with which you get a high performance in the laboratory. That is, with which you get high quality DNA from blood, ready to use and quickly obtained. And all of it without using organic extractions or precipitations with alcohol, which supposes an advantage over other similar products that we can find in the market.

The DNA obtained by this procedure can be used directly in PCR, Southern, cloning and in any enzymatic reaction. The volume of elution obtained ranges between 50-200ul. The sample size is usually 300 ul total blood, plasma, serum and biological fluids.

For the correct functioning of this kit it is necessary to have, in addition, isopropanol, ethanol, 1.5 milliliter microtubes and a centrifuge.

Extraction and purification of DNA in blood

To carry out the extraction and purification in blood it is necessary to incubate the total blood in a chaotropic solution in the presence of proteinase K at 70 degrees centigrade.

In this way the optimal conditions will be created for the DNA to join a Silica fiber membrane when ethanol is added to this combination.

In order for the sample to be completely clean, contaminants are removed by two different washes. A procedure by which DNA is eluted with its own buffer for this procedure.

This system is appropriate especially when pursuing any of the following objectives:

  • Obtain extractions of genomic, viral and bacterial DNA.
  • Isolate and manipulate DNA from whole blood (human or source blood) animal, fresh or frozen).
  • Obtain DNA from blood treated with citrate, with EDTA, or with heparin.
  • DNA from serum, plasma, platelets, “Buffy coat”, fluids biological and so-called “dried blood spots”.

With all this, the company Durviz guarantees that the work is carried out in a more brief and with more guarantees.


New storage caps for Mini & MidiSystem

REAL has developed new screw caps compatible with the Mini and MiniSystem concentration devices.
These new caps allow to store in a simple and safe way the sediment after centrifugation, avoiding any odors or leaks.

REAL parasites poster available

Our new poster REAL Intestinal Parasites is now available!
Made in fixed stools using REAL MiniSystem, MidiSystem and Graham Test Safe & Clean.
Fixation media available: SAF, ECOSAF, MIF, TOTAL-FIX
Images owned by Dr. Guillermo Esteban. Professor of Parasitology. Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Valencia, Spain.
Request a poster for your laboratory or click here to download

REAL MidiSystem stool concentration system

REAL launches its new MidiSystem for conservation and concentration of stool samples for parasite diagnostic.
This new 30ml device, allows the analysis of a bigger quantity of sample.
Together with REAL MiniSystem, the new MidiSystem will be supplied with a wide variety of fixation media (SAF, ECOSAF, MIF, TOTAL-FIX).

For more information contact us:

REAL Graham Tes Safe & Clean

Do you still prepare your slides for Entrobius vermicularis detection?
Don´t waste time and get our Graham Test Safe & Clean ready to use slides.
Our new Safe and Clean System prevents contamination and avoids any accidents caused by the break of the glass.
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system for stool sample conservation and concentration

Parasite concentrator system for stool sample

REAL Minisystem Faecal parasite concentrator system for stool sample conservation and concentration

Parasite concentrator systemMinisystem is a parasite concentrator system for stool sample conservation and concentration.

In July of 2010 Real Laboratory launched the New Mini System, after months of development, working close with our customers trying to solve the main problems and needs in the field. The result is a cleaner, smaller, more effective and ecological parasite collector.

Many of the human diseases are intestinal infections and diagnosis is based on the detection of helmith eggs and larvae or protozoa cysts in faecal samples. For this purpose an appropriate collection, transport and handling of those samples is critical.

  • Cleaner: The sample handling is minimum in all the process.
  • Smaller: The space saving is a real deal in the labs nowadays.DSC03969
  • More effective: The double filtration allows to get better results with less volume of sample.
  • Ecological: Due to its size, the process is done with less reagents, contributing to minimize the environmental effects of those.

Minisystem has a new cap design with a longer spoon makes the system even cleaner as it protects the user from touching the sample and at the same time its longer spoon makes the collection of the sample easier. The first filter holds gross matter of the sample and the second clarifies and allows parasites or bacterias pass, its pore size. Therefore, it results in a sediment for analysis with fewer impurities.

Only with Durviz, you can get this system with glass beads to help homogenization of the sample.

Our customers can choose among several fixation methods: SAF, ECOSAF, MIF and TOTAL-FIX BUFFER, to concentrate the parasite structures.

Minisystem accessories availables



Complementarily, the Easy pick system is designed for collection of sediment after centrifugation, it includes a pasteur pipette and a special pierceable cap that fit on the sediment cone.

This system allows the user to store the sediment avoiding bad odours and at the same time provides the user an easy and confortable system for collecting the sediment for its placement on the slide.

Possibility to purchase only the cap, only the pipette or the entire system.


REAL MiniSystem use. Sample collection:

  1. Defecate in a clean dry recipient.
  2. Avoid contaminating of faeces with urine or water.
  3. Choose an adequate amount of faeces and put it into the preservative tube using the cap-spoon. The quantity of sample to pick up should not exceed the capacity of the tube. Not to open the inferior cap of the tube in any moment.
  4. Close well the tube and send it to the laboratory for processing.

Parasite concentrator system with Minisystem

Minisystem protocolo ENG

  1. Sample collection (explained above)
  2. Sample homogeneization: Shake vigorously the collection tube with the sample for 30 seconds.
  3. Double filtration and concentration: Exchange the bottom cap for the sedimentation cone and put it in the machine for centrifugation.
  4. Sediment recovery with Easy Pick System (optional).
  5. Sediment storage or disposal.

We recommended storage in high quality refrigeration systems to not reduce sediment properties.

MiniSystem is a closed system for stool sample conservation and concentration of REAL Laboratory, trademark property of Durviz. Request for samples so you can see its benefits.


Easy Pick System for sediment collection

The new easy pick system allows the user to collect the sediment obtained after the concentration step in a very easy and clean way.

The Easy Pick system is formed by a pierceable cap, specially designed to be compatible with REAL MiniSystem concentration device, and a pasteur pipette.

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Pinworm detection

Learn more about the pitworm and how can it be easily detected with a simple test: Graham´s Test.

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