Covid19 rapid test for healthcare professionals

If you need a Covid19 rapid test for healthcare professionals, we have it.

Healthcare professionals know how important it is to have a rapid test. Something that allows you detecting the presence of Covid19. Therefore, more and more laboratories acquire our rapid test. This is a product that facilitates the collection and handling of samples with which to check the presence of this virus in people.
For this reason, we have written this article in which we explain what this rapid Covid 19 test that we offer you in Durviz is and how it works.

Covid 19 rapid test for healthcare professionals

The Covid19 rapid test for healthcare professionals is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay that allows the qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies against 2019-nCoV. A rapid test that can be performed using human blood, serum, plasma. But, also in a lancet blood sample.
This rapid test uses a technique called immunochromatography. This is a very effective way that is used in medical diagnosis. Specially, with healthcare professionals in mind. People who need to speed up their work process. And who needs to minimize the margins of error in the tests they carry out.


Immunochromatography for diagnostics

Immunochromatography is one of the most widely used immunodiagnostic techniques in the current field. It is especially attractive for the following reasons: its simplicity and the speed it takes to carry out tests. In addition, it does not need reagents or additional instrumentation for its operation.

Something that does occur in others similar methodologies applied to the clinical field.
For this reason, it is one of the techniques most used in laboratories around the world. And it is a technique that helps to save time in obtaining data. And also, an effective treatment of the pandemic.

Advantages of the rapid test Covid 19

Durviz rapid test has a lot of advantages. If you compared to other similar products currently on the market, this is better. Some of these advantages are the following:
1. This is a product that is presented in a strip format. In it, the sample flows along a solid substrate through capillary action. After yo have the results. Very quickly, and without the need for any manipulation.
2. It is a combined antibody test. It can provide information on the stage of infection of the person being tested. Hence, this is that the detection of COVID-19 IgM antibodies tends to indicate a recent exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Then, while the detection of COVID-19 IgG antibodies indicate a later stage of infection. Which means having more information.
3. The test contains substances called anti-human IgM and anti-human IgG. This substance functions as a capture reagent, 2019-nCoV antigen, and as a detection reagent. Besides, IgG reagent is used in the control line system, to ensure that the device is working properly.
4. It is for exclusive use in laboratories.

Hence, if you want your professionals to work with high-quality products that provide optimal and reliable results, don’t hesitate and buy the Covid 19 rapid test for healthcare professionals from Durviz.
You can expand this information on our website. If you are interested in acquiring it, you just have to contact us. We will explain how to do it.


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