Parasite concentrator system for stool sample

REAL Minisystem Faecal parasite concentrator system for stool sample conservation and concentration

Parasite concentrator systemMinisystem is a parasite concentrator system for stool sample conservation and concentration.

In July of 2010 Real Laboratory launched the New Mini System, after months of development, working close with our customers trying to solve the main problems and needs in the field. The result is a cleaner, smaller, more effective and ecological parasite collector.

Many of the human diseases are intestinal infections and diagnosis is based on the detection of helmith eggs and larvae or protozoa cysts in faecal samples. For this purpose an appropriate collection, transport and handling of those samples is critical.

  • Cleaner: The sample handling is minimum in all the process.
  • Smaller: The space saving is a real deal in the labs nowadays.DSC03969
  • More effective: The double filtration allows to get better results with less volume of sample.
  • Ecological: Due to its size, the process is done with less reagents, contributing to minimize the environmental effects of those.

Minisystem has a new cap design with a longer spoon makes the system even cleaner as it protects the user from touching the sample and at the same time its longer spoon makes the collection of the sample easier. The first filter holds gross matter of the sample and the second clarifies and allows parasites or bacterias pass, its pore size. Therefore, it results in a sediment for analysis with fewer impurities.

Only with Durviz, you can get this system with glass beads to help homogenization of the sample.

Our customers can choose among several fixation methods: SAF, ECOSAF, MIF and TOTAL-FIX BUFFER, to concentrate the parasite structures.

Minisystem accessories availables



Complementarily, the Easy pick system is designed for collection of sediment after centrifugation, it includes a pasteur pipette and a special pierceable cap that fit on the sediment cone.

This system allows the user to store the sediment avoiding bad odours and at the same time provides the user an easy and confortable system for collecting the sediment for its placement on the slide.

Possibility to purchase only the cap, only the pipette or the entire system.


REAL MiniSystem use. Sample collection:

  1. Defecate in a clean dry recipient.
  2. Avoid contaminating of faeces with urine or water.
  3. Choose an adequate amount of faeces and put it into the preservative tube using the cap-spoon. The quantity of sample to pick up should not exceed the capacity of the tube. Not to open the inferior cap of the tube in any moment.
  4. Close well the tube and send it to the laboratory for processing.

Parasite concentrator system with Minisystem

Minisystem protocolo ENG

  1. Sample collection (explained above)
  2. Sample homogeneization: Shake vigorously the collection tube with the sample for 30 seconds.
  3. Double filtration and concentration: Exchange the bottom cap for the sedimentation cone and put it in the machine for centrifugation.
  4. Sediment recovery with Easy Pick System (optional).
  5. Sediment storage or disposal.

We recommended storage in high quality refrigeration systems to not reduce sediment properties.

MiniSystem is a closed system for stool sample conservation and concentration of REAL Laboratory, trademark property of Durviz. Request for samples so you can see its benefits.


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