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You can now buy Real Saliva viral, a kit with which you can extract DNA and RNA to carry out all the studies and checks you need. It is a Real brand product that is revolutionizing the market for its ease of use and the guarantee of its results. Something very necessary today with the need to perform many tests of COVID 19 in saliva, all over the world, and the consequent need also for the results to be fast and reliable.

So that you know more about this product, at Durviz Laboratories we have written this article in which we develop in depth this product that is offering such good results.


Real Saliva viral: What it is and what it offers

The Real Saliva Viral Sample Collection Kit provides a safe and fast all-in-one procedure for collecting, stabilizing and transporting saliva samples. Samples not to exceed 1 milliliter size, at room temperature. An amount more than enough to perform COVID 19 analysis using a saliva sample from the person to be studied.

Real Viral Stabilization Solution effectively inactivates the virus by preventing degradation of nucleic acid in collected samples. Resulting in the fact that non-infectious samples are handled and shipped safely. Which, in turn, ensures the success of the analysis procedure and improves the efficiency of the laboratories in all their cases. Being able to avoid repetitions of the work and advancing in the development of work proposals when it comes to ongoing investigations.

The saliva sample is kept, thanks to this kit, at room temperature (in the case of DNA, for a whole year; and with respect to RNA for a whole month). Although these same samples can also be frozen (at temperatures ranging between -20 / -80 ° C) for long periods. And this with the total confidence that the sample will not lose any of its peculiarities. Which means being able to extend the work deadlines to limits that other products do not allow us.

It is also a procedure compatible with most of the systems on the market for this work.


Main characteristics of Real Saliva

The Real Saliva viral kit consists of three parts that are shipped together when purchased. These are the following: the solution itself, a series of saliva collection tubes and one hundred funnels with which it is allowed to work and introduce the saliva into the referred tubes. All of them of high quality and perfectly manipulable in the laboratory.

The main applications (although they are not the only ones) of Real Saliva viral are the following:

  • It can be used to detect the presence of COVID 19. In fact, it is one of its most repeated applications since the appearance of this particular coronavirus in the world.
  • It is used to detect viruses in the saliva of the people analyzed, which allows specific treatment protocols to be started as soon as possible.


So, if you are looking for a kit with which to properly preserve your saliva samples, do not hesitate and buy the Real brand. Without a doubt they will not disappoint you and you will see how your work not only acquires greater efficiency but you can get more out of it. To get them, contact us and we will indicate the steps to follow.

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