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Graham test safe & clean REAL for the detection of oxyide

Graham test safe and clean from REAL laboratory is the name of the first test on the market that we can purchase ready for use in our work environment.

Are test carriers that we can use in the laboratory, and they have been specially prepared for the detection of Enterobius vermicularis, a small parasitic nematode of humans popularly known as “oxyide”. A very common parasite that causes an intestinal disease known as oxyuriasis or enterobiasis. What is commonly referred to as the generic name of worms.
Although the infestation of this parasite is not serious, they are usually very annoying. Thus, the most common symptoms are severe pain and itching around the anus, especially during night rest, also assuming sleep disturbance and weight loss.

The itching that causes the presence of this parasite favors the reinfesstation of it. The eggs of the nail are introduced under the nails with the scratch, contaminating the hands and facilitating their intake by the person affected by this parasite. They can also spread through the air and be inhaled by people. Eggs ingested by hosts hatch in the duodenum and mature in the large intestine, where they are housed.


Real laboratory Graham test safe and clean employment

The laboratory is usually diagnosed with the presence of oxyides by recovering eggs from the perianal area of the affected. This is usually done by using the Graham Test and its subsequent microscopic identification. For samples to be useful, they must be collected for 3 consecutive days to be representative. But in all of this, what is the Graham Safe & Clean Test?

It is a system composed of three glass slides with adhesive tape, which are ready for use. All of them are included in a plastic box that protects them during transport from the lab to their final destination. It also includes a flexible and soft plastic material (cap) device that attaches to one end of the slide for easy sampling.

The main advantages of the Graham Safe & Clean Test are as follows:
• This is a clean and safe system.
• Simplifies sampling.
• Avoid direct contact with the glass.
• Protects against possible contagions so the reliability of the results is very high.
• Marked with the European Union’s IVD quality seal.

The use of this type of carrier is very simple and just follow the following steps:
1. The first thing is to place the cap on the unlabeled end.
2. Remove the adhesive tape from the glass and bring it to the glass cap.
3. Place the adhesive tape over the cap.
4. Put the cap with the tape in contact with the perianal area.
5. Return the adhesive tape to its initial position, preventing bubble or crease formation in this process.
6. Remove the cap from the glass and throw it away. Store the glass in its box.


Graham test - DURVIZ

Graham test safe and clean de REAL laboratory


This product is available in several different formats: on the one hand, there is the possibility to purchase it in packs of 90 Tests (90 envelopes with 3 holders), but also in the following packages: 90 Tests (90 rigid plastic boxes with 3 holders); and 90 Tests (90 rigid plastic boxes with 3 more Safe & Clean holders). At Durviz we are specialists in providing you with the most effective tools on the market, so we constantly update our catalog of products and services.

So, if you want your lab to have the most effective tools on the market, do not hesitate and visit our website where we constantly share information about the news that we are incorporating. All of them come from the most prestigious manufacturers around the world, which have endorsements and certifications from the most important bodies internationally.