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Your trusted supplier for microbiology and molecular biology labs

Our areas

Experts in Parasitology, Molecular Biology and Sample Collection Devices

After many years of research and development we have designed the best solutions safe and “ready-to-use” for intestinal parasites diagnosis, DNA purification reagents and sample collection devices. We count with a group of the highest experts in these fields to guarantee the best quality during and after manufacture.

Our products are compliant with European Medical Devices Regulation.

Our facilities

In our modern laboratory we count with the best equipment and trained staff to satisfy the high demand and guarantee the best quality and after-sales service. From our International Sales Department we work hard to expand our market and reach clients worldwide.

We also offer our customers the possibility to customize and adapt our references to their needs. Do not hesitate to ask about this service.

durviz Solutions to detect coronavirus in laboratories

Where are we?

REAL brand was created by the Spanish company Durviz s.l.

Since its origin, Durviz has been characterized for being a modern and dynamic company with a great vision of the future, presenting in the Spanish market the best brands and the latest advances available.

With more than 40 years of experience in the distribution of diagnostic and research equipment, we decided to create our own brand, offering a wide product portfolio for different areas.

We started to manufacture in our facilities in the Technological Park of Valencia several solutions for Molecular Biology laboratories and this led to the creation of the Mini-System, an innovative stool concentration system for coproparasitological diagnosis, which later became our main representative, not only in Spain but also in Europe.

Currently we count with many distributors worldwide.