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SpeciSafe systems for the safe shipment of biological samples

SpeciSafe systems are safe for shipment of biological samples. An aspect that is vital for the development of investigations since they allow us to maintain the characteristics of the samples at all times. And it is that any alteration in the temperature or in the conditions in which they are, could affect them.

Well, whether for medical diagnosis, clinical trial or research purposes, for patient treatment or for other study purposes that could be biologically dangerous, it is important to take care of the samples. And sometimes getting them from their source to the lab can be problematic. Hence, the regulations indicate in this regard that the packaging that is going to be used in the transport of this type of substances is strong and of good quality. Enough to withstand vibrations or changes in temperature, humidity or pressure that may occur during transport.

To avoid this, systems such as SpeciSafe arise.  Which replace secondary packaging and combine a unique super absorbent lining, internally adhered in a shock resistant container. And it is that, above all, it must be avoided that some of the content can be lost or spilled.

Because Alpha Laboratories provides a wide range of packaging material samples that help make your regulatory compliance convenient, consistent, and cost-effective.

SpeciSafe Systems and biological samples

SpeciSafe systems for shipping biological samples are unique packaging specifically designed to help meet UN3373 Packaging Instructions. A system that regulates how samples such as blood, tissue, excrement, secretions, etc. must be transferred. from human or animal origin. All of them must be packaged according to IATA Dangerous Goods (Air) or ADR (Road). Hence the wide versatility of SpeciSafe.

They are, therefore, easy to use systems that use minimal components to save the user time and money.

SpeciSafe packages are available in a wide range of design options covering sample vessels.

At Real Laboratory we know how important it is to have a safe delivery system for biological samples, that’s why we put this product at your fingertips.

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How SpeciSafe Systems works

To ensure that the samples that we send to a recipient arrive without, the SpeciSafe systems apply the following security measures:

  • Primary containers fit into pre-molded positions in the SpeciSafe package. Hence it is easily separated from each other.
  • It has a unique ultra-absorbent nature bonded lining, found inside SpeciSafe. In fact, one square meter of the system can absorb 20 liters of liquid.
  • This system provides sufficient absorbency to absorb the maximum volume of liquid from the primary container.
  • Provides protection and cushioning to samples.
  • It is a system that is leak proof when it remains closed.
  • It is a rigid system, so it only requires flexible labeling.

SpeciSafe®   Secondary Packaging for Biological Samples


Another advantage of this system is that it can be placed directly in a padded envelope or bag. And even sent by ordinary mail. Also, the SpeciSafe package is small in size. Which helps to minimize shipping costs, should it be necessary.

This system is completed with the use of special envelopes for shipping. Flexible secondary bags that are the ideal solution for transporting sample containers where pressure resistance is unknown or not certified to comply with regulations.

So, if you are looking for a secure shipping system for your laboratory samples, do not hesitate and ask us about how to acquire SpeciSafe. Your work is well worth it. Remember: SpeciSafe systems for the safe shipment of biological samples.