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Viral DNA-RNA Purification Kit

The DNA and Viral RNA Purification Kit is a Real brand product to make laboratory work faster. It is a set of elements that is designed for rapid and simultaneous purification of viral DNA and RNA from cell-free samples such as serum, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid.

A simple and very effective system with which we can carry out our work safely and quickly and can meet the current high demand for analysis of all kinds by the general population. Its effectiveness has been highly certified, so it is part of the product catalog that Durviz, as the official distributor of the brand, and we put it at your fingertips.


Goals of the purification kit

The Real brand Sample Purification Kit, available from Durviz, works to meet the objectives it intends to cover. In this respect, it should be borne in mind that viruses, when lysed with detergent and proteinase K, release total viral nucleic acids.

Therefore, in the presence of a caotropic salt, viral nucleic acids selectively bind to the fiberglass membrane in a special centrifuge tube. A process in which nucleic acids remain united while a series of rapid wash and spin steps remove contaminating cellular components.

Finally, low-salt elution removes viral nucleic acids from the fiberglass membrane. Enough to have the sample ready for analysis.

An important part of the work with this kit is that the process does not require nucleic acid precipitation, organic solvent extractions, or extensive handling of nucleic acids. This is a big difference from other similar products we can find on the market. That’s why your results are better and labs are purchasing this kit for their daily work.

The Real Spin Viral Kit for DNA and RNA analysis can be used for viral RNA and DNA isolation from a wide range of viruses that affect them.

However, according to the manufacturer, performance cannot be guaranteed for all virus species and must be validated by the customer. Therefore, we advise you to consult with us before you buy any questions you may have. We will give you all the details you need.

Real DNA


Features of the purification kit.

The main features of this REAL brand DNA and RNA purification kit are as follows:

  • A flexible DNA/viral RNA purification system, allowing for impurities-free samples. This means minimizing the margin of error of the results obtained in our work.
  • Enables fast and easy debugging with excellent reproducibility.
  • The kit includes a highly sensitive RNA carrier that you can use in later applications.
  • DNA or viral RNA can be used directly as templates for standard PCR testing or RT-PCR.
  • This kit contains a sample material consisting of: 200 µl serum, plasma, and cell-free biological fluids.

DNA removal

So if you’re looking for a purification kit that works great and lets you work with your DNA and RNA samples in the lab, don’t hesitate to pick up the Real brand. Efficiency and improvement instantly. Contact us and we’ll tell you how to do that.