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Real viral saliva

You can now buy Real Saliva viral, a kit with which you can extract DNA and RNA to carry out all the studies and checks you need. It is a Real brand product that is revolutionizing the market for its ease of use and the guarantee of its results. Something very necessary today with the need to perform many tests of COVID 19 in saliva, all over the world, and the consequent need also for the results to be fast and reliable.

So that you know more about this product, at Durviz Laboratories we have written this article in which we develop in depth this product that is offering such good results.


Real Saliva viral: What it is and what it offers

The Real Saliva Viral Sample Collection Kit provides a safe and fast all-in-one procedure for collecting, stabilizing and transporting saliva samples. Samples not to exceed 1 milliliter size, at room temperature. An amount more than enough to perform COVID 19 analysis using a saliva sample from the person to be studied.

Real Viral Stabilization Solution effectively inactivates the virus by preventing degradation of nucleic acid in collected samples. Resulting in the fact that non-infectious samples are handled and shipped safely. Which, in turn, ensures the success of the analysis procedure and improves the efficiency of the laboratories in all their cases. Being able to avoid repetitions of the work and advancing in the development of work proposals when it comes to ongoing investigations.

The saliva sample is kept, thanks to this kit, at room temperature (in the case of DNA, for a whole year; and with respect to RNA for a whole month). Although these same samples can also be frozen (at temperatures ranging between -20 / -80 ° C) for long periods. And this with the total confidence that the sample will not lose any of its peculiarities. Which means being able to extend the work deadlines to limits that other products do not allow us.

It is also a procedure compatible with most of the systems on the market for this work.


Main characteristics of Real Saliva

The Real Saliva viral kit consists of three parts that are shipped together when purchased. These are the following: the solution itself, a series of saliva collection tubes and one hundred funnels with which it is allowed to work and introduce the saliva into the referred tubes. All of them of high quality and perfectly manipulable in the laboratory.

The main applications (although they are not the only ones) of Real Saliva viral are the following:

  • It can be used to detect the presence of COVID 19. In fact, it is one of its most repeated applications since the appearance of this particular coronavirus in the world.
  • It is used to detect viruses in the saliva of the people analyzed, which allows specific treatment protocols to be started as soon as possible.


So, if you are looking for a kit with which to properly preserve your saliva samples, do not hesitate and buy the Real brand. Without a doubt they will not disappoint you and you will see how your work not only acquires greater efficiency but you can get more out of it. To get them, contact us and we will indicate the steps to follow.


The circulating DNA to diagnose possible genetic anomalies in fetuses

The circulating DNA to diagnose possible genetic anomalies in fetuses

The circulating DNA is that group of DNA molecules that circulates freely through the outside of the cells, by the blood, the urine, as well as in other body fluids. They are found in fragments of great length, that is to say, those that have from less from 500 bases to 21,000 base pairs.

It is also known as free DNA. The extraction of this DNA for its study in the laboratory is done through plasma or blood, since they are two easily manipulated and extractable liquids. To do so, it is important to have first quality materials that allow us a solid and accurate study of these cells of the organism, because through these reports we can diagnose different diseases.

Types of circulating DNA

According to the scientists, based on the origin of the circulating DNA sample, we can find three fundamental types:

  • Normal circulating DNA. It consists of degraded DNA fragments that they have been released into the bloodstream.
  • The circulating fetal DNA, which comes from mostly the placenta of the mothers. Actually it comes specifically from the fetus and it is a DNA that circulates freely in the bloodstream of the mother.
  • Tumor circulating DNA, which comes from cancer cells that have a Generally, of the tumor in which they are found. Your concentration is greater as the disease progresses.

Applications of circulating DNA

The circulating DNA is important because very information is extracted from its study valuable that will help us determine the state of health in which the person is from which the sample has been obtained. So, for example, in the case of fetuses we can help: diagnose possible genetic anomalies before birth; know the sex of the child before birth or without the need for any ultrasound (This is possible the analysis of specific sequences of the Y chromosome, which are performed following a presence / absence criterion); know the child’s RH to be able to rule out the hemolytic disease of the newborn (at this point you have to know that occasionally, the mother’s immune system produces antibodies during pregnancy they attack the red blood cells of their own fetus.

circulatingA fact that occurs, only, when the mother and the baby have different types of blood); determine diseases monogénicas (taking into account that with circulating DNA analysis that are performed at present, only diseases transmitted by the mother can be known and no for the mother); or study fetal aneuploidies (or, what is the same, alterations of the number of chromosomes that involve loss or gain of complete chromosomes).

And all this without the need to implement invasive techniques that endanger the life of the fetus or its mother. In this case, the test is done from the sixth week of pregnancy.

With the information obtained from the fetal circulating DNA analysis we can overtake many events and diseases, so it is vital importance its realization at present. It has even allowed to avoid treatments aggressive or complicated for pregnant mothers. Something common when there problems with the HR of the pregnant woman and the fetus. Situations in which the inclusion of analysis of the circulating DNA for the group pregnant Rh- has allowed the suppression of the immunoprophylaxis treatment when the fetus was also of the Rh- group.

In Durviz we have all the instruments you need to perform these tests. Do not you have more to visit our website and know the wide variety of products first quality we offer. A fact that has led us to be considered as one of the best business initiatives in the health sector worldwide.