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New REAL Microbiome vaginal DNA kit

REAL has developed a complete system for the study of VAGINAL MICROBIOME: VAGINAL SELF-COLLECTION SWAB for the collection and stabilization of microbial DNA from vagina for microbiome analysis.     The new solution for home self-sampling, collection, shipping and easy processing in the laboratory • Reduce waste of time for women that don’t want to take […]

REAL Microbiome analysis of fecal samples

REAL has developed  a new kit for a fast and efficient purification of microbial DNA for the study of the microbiome from different faecal samples: a) Up to 200 mg of human or animal feces, fresh or dried. b) Stool samples (0-5-1.0 gr) homogenized and stabilized in 8ml REAL MICROBIOME Stool sample collection kit. More […]

REAL parasites poster available

Our new poster REAL Intestinal Parasites is now available! Made in fixed stools using REAL MiniSystem, MidiSystem and Graham Test Safe & Clean. Fixation media available: SAF, ECOSAF, MIF, TOTAL-FIX Images owned by Dr. Guillermo Esteban. Professor of Parasitology. Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Valencia, Spain. Request a poster for your laboratory or click here […]

REAL MidiSystem stool concentration system

REAL launches its new MidiSystem for conservation and concentration of stool samples for parasite diagnostic. This new 30ml device, allows the analysis of a bigger quantity of sample. Together with REAL MiniSystem, the new MidiSystem will be supplied with a wide variety of fixation media (SAF, ECOSAF, MIF, TOTAL-FIX). For more information contact us: marketing@durviz.com

REAL Graham Tes Safe & Clean

Do you still prepare your slides for Entrobius vermicularis detection? Don´t waste time and get our Graham Test Safe & Clean ready to use slides. Our new Safe and Clean System prevents contamination and avoids any accidents caused by the break of the glass. More information

Parasite concentrator system for stool sample

REAL Minisystem Faecal parasite concentrator system for stool sample conservation and concentration Minisystem is a parasite concentrator system for stool sample conservation and concentration. In July of 2010 Real Laboratory launched the New Mini System, after months of development, working close with our customers trying to solve the main problems and needs in the field. The result is a […]