Detection of COVID19 in real time with LiliF COVID-19

Detection of COVID19 in real time is possible with LiliF COVID-19. A very fast and highly efficient test that allows us to detect the presence of COVID 19 in the person undergoing the test.


What is the LiliF COVID-19 test

The LiliF real-time COVId detection test is a test that uses an RT-PCR probe. This test can detect the new coronavirus using the real-time RT-PCR probe method, through the reaction of the specific primer and the fluorescent probe in the sample.

So far, it has been proven that this test can detect the RdRp gene and the E gene, which are markers for the detection of new coronaviruses. In addition, this test also includes the N gene suggested by the US CDC and the RNaseP gene.

Unlike other similar tests that we can find on the market, this kit provides the necessary components to perform the RT-PCR separately. And all this being able to use the consumable selected by the user and being compatible with any thermal cycler.

Remember that this kit contains everything you need, you should not mix it with any other product other than it.


Detection of COVID19 in real time with LiliF COVID-19

For its correct operation, sputum in the lower respiratory tract, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BAL) or nasopharyngeal smear (NS) and oropharyngeal smear (OS) collected simultaneously from the upper respiratory tract of the person to be analyzed is necessary.

The entire process must be done in a clean bench to ensure that there is no contamination that can affect the final result.

For this, the kit includes a swab that allows the collection of these samples.

Although its operation is simple, it is recommended that its manipulation be carried out only by specialized personnel. Including the toilet. Otherwise we could get some alteration of the result, due to bad handling. In addition, during its handling it is convenient that we protect ourselves with masks. This way we will avoid spraying when opening the lid.


COVID19 and other coronaviruses

At this point, it must be remembered that so far a total of four genders have been identified in the Coronavirus family. They are known as alpha, beta, gamma, and delta.

The alpha and beta corona viruses can cause disease in both humans and animals. While other types such as gamma and delta coronaviruses only infect animals.

The new coronavirus (popularly known as COVID-19) belongs to the beta. Hence, it is one of the new infectious coronaviruses that infects the human body as a pathogen of massive pneumonia that occurred in Wuhan, Hubei (China) in December 2019. And that has subsequently spread throughout the world, being considered a pandemic a few months after the first case was detected.

Therefore, it is very important to diagnose an infection quickly. Since, at the moment, their vaccines are not available to everyone or are in a trial period. And that its reliability is not one hundred percent; and even that its administration is carried out in two phases that have months of difference between both.

It should also be noted that there are no antivirals approved for prophylactic or therapeutic purposes.

However, the choice of these tests must be done appropriately. Well, there is a wide offer on the market, and it is necessary to know them before purchasing them. For this reason, at Durviz we have developed this product. A high-quality, simple test that contains everything we need to perform the test and that will surely help us to obtain a reliable result.

If you are interested in purchasing them, please contact us.

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